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As per Medical Astrology the Birth chart is divided in twelve Parts. They represent and influence on our Body parts as under

1. Ist House : Head and Face, Brain and Bones of our head and face

2. 2nd house : Neck and Throat, Gullet Larynx and Cerebellum, Right Eye., Bones of neck and cheeks

3. 3rd house : Shoulder and hands, Lungs, Blood and Breath, Shoulder blades and Bones

4. 4th house: Breast and Chest, Stomach and digestive organs, Bones of Chest and Ribs

5. 5th house : Heart, Spinal Column, Nerves and Fiber, Bones of Back

6. 6th house : Abdominal and umbilical region, Bowels, Intestines and Lever, Nervous System

7. 7th house : Lumber region and skin, Kidneys and lumber regions, prostate glands, Uterus of the lady

8. 8th house : Generative organs, anus, Bladder and Bones of pelvic area

9. 9th house : Hips and Thighs, veins and arteries, bones of thighs

10. 10th house :Knees and hands, Bones of knee caps and Joints, Bones of Thighs

11. 11th house : Ankles and Feet, Circulatory systems, bones of Ankles and shanks

12. 12th house : Feet and Toes, Lymphatic system, left eye, bones of feet



Parts of the body ruled by planets

Sun : Stomach, bone, blood, heart, skin, belly, eye sight (right eye of the male and left eye of female)
Head and constitution of the body
Moon : Breast, intestines, lymph, eye sight (left eye for the male and right eye for the female)
Throats, nervous debility, chest, mind, kidney, Alimentary canal and water in body.
Mars.: Blood, marrow, energy, neck, genitals, red coloring matter in the blood, rectum, head,
Veins, female organs, nose, fore head, digestive section of sins and vitality
Mercury : Veins, lungs, arms, mouth, hair nervous system, chest, nerves, skin, naval nose, spinal
Systems, gall bladder
Jupiter: Thighs, fat, brain, lungs, liver, kidney, right ear, tongue, spleen, semen and pleura
Venus : Face, eye sight, genital organs, semen, urine, luster of body, throat, water in body, chin, cheeks, naval, left bar and productive organs
Saturn : Joint bones, Teeth, knees, ears, spleen, legs, bones, muscles, limbs, skin and hair
Rahu : Feet, Breathing , neck
Kethu : Belly and feet
Uranus : Nervous system, brain and motor nerves
Neptune : Nervous system, the optic nerves, cerebra spinal fluids etc..


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Healthy Food +Healthy Life style Gives U Healthy and Brilliant Child 


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Healthy Food +Healthy Life style Gives U Healthy and Brilliant Child