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I have received thousands of mails asking me various questions and I answered to them. I wish to tell all the aspirant couples to give birth to HEALTHYCHILD around the GLOBE. You might not have seen that any animal have consulted any specialists or other for their INFERTILITY PROBLEMS. Our body structure is similar to animal that is the reason that Human beings are included under the subject ZOOLOGY. What ever the parts they have similar parts we have. The only difference they have 4 legs –we have two hands and two legs. The other thing is we can think what is the best - they cannot think. God before creating animals (including us) he created all trees, plants etc.. and filled all minerals ,nutrients, proteins, vitamins etc.. in food grains, vegetables, fruits, leaves etc.. the animals picked their food from it and living happily till the last breath. God has gifted us along with animals to give birth to children by taking the food from the nature, breathing air, drinking water... all animals are following nature's principle i.e Healthy Life style, Healthy food etc.. and giving birth to their child without any effort... we are not following nature's principle and we are suffering from Infertility Problems. Please follow nature's principles and have Healthy child. Please read the following explained to lot of couples


1. Couple who have tried years together with different methods could not conceive till today I advise them to prepare their bodies to conceive. Please read all my blogs 1.Infertility in Male 2.Infertility in Female 3. Woman to mother and Blogs on Healthy food- Your food. I clearly mentioned Infertility Problems in Male or Female - try to solve them. I also mentioned Obesity couple has the problem in conceiving .It means you have to reduce your weight without disturbing your body functioning and supply all nutrients they need. It is only possible with your Healthy life style, Healthy food habits etc..

2. Couple who lost their child before Delivery. According to My research 1. Scientific Reason and 2. Astrological Reason


1. Scientific 1. Scientific Reason::The child has to receive 1.Air i.e Oxygen2.Water and 3.. Nutritional food to grow Healthy from their mother. The mother has to take 1.. Air i.e Oxygen to develop brain cells, heart, lungs ......of the child and protect the child body against infections, skin diseases .....2.Water  to take Oxygen and supply to all parts,  clean the blood, remove unwanted or pollution with sweat or urine and 3.. Healthy food so as to fulfill the requirements of Mother and unborn child. The air helps to expand the body and food helps to grow his body day today. If lack of any will result to lost the baby before birth.

2. Astrological Reason:: We will consider planetary position of the couple, their periods and transiting moments of planets. If any of them are adverse position the child will lost the breath during the day when they are aspecting/running

3. Couple who lost their child just after the birth.
Scientific Reason:: When the child's lungs are not expanded/developed before birth..they could not take breath after birth.

4. Couple who have given birth to Defective child
Scientific Reason ::When any part of the body has not developed before birth..the child will be defective.

5. Couples Food, Health Conditions, Life style etc….and Time of Sex according to Planets Transiting & Birth periods may give birth to Defective child Physically or Mentally.



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Healthy Food +Healthy Life style Gives U Healthy and Brilliant Child 


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Healthy Food +Healthy Life style Gives U Healthy and Brilliant Child